Top 5 White Cowboy Hat Picks for Men and Women

Looking for a white cowboy hat?

We’ll help you find a great one!

Whether you need a white cowboy hat for work, fashion, or for a special occasion – we’ve got you covered.

Ready to see the best white cowboy hats in the west?

Then check out our top 5 picks below.

Here are the hats we’ll be reviewing in this post:

1, Western Express Men’s Classic Cattleman

2, Mens Faux Felt Western Cowboy Hat

3, Enimay Western Cowboy & Cowgirl Hat

4, Enimay Men’s & Women’s Western Style Cowboy Straw Hat

5, Queue Essentials Men & Women’s Woven Straw Cowboy Cowgirl Hat


What does a white cowboy hat mean?

In cowboy movies, you can always tell who the good guys and bad guys are by the color of their hats.

Watch any classic western movie. You can bet that the cowboy wearing a white hat will stand for truth, justice, and freedom. 

A black-hatted cowboy though…

Well, he’s going to be a low-down-son-of-a-gun who will lie, cheat, steal, and generally cause conflict and chaos.

This idea of a white hat for good guys and a black hat for bad still applies today.

Ever heard the term “whitehats” or “blackhats” to talk about hackers?

Well, cowboy hats are where that comes from.

So, a white cowboy hat means that you are a “good guy”. Someone with high morals. The kind of fella who follows a code of ethics. And who conducts themselves in an honest and respectable manner.

Cowboy hat etiquette

There are a whole bunch of “rules” that you might wanna follow when wearing your dandy new hat.

Now some of these rules are a little old-fashioned. So, I’d suggest treating them as a guide and relying on your own best judgment.

Here they are:

1. Men should remove their hats when they are introduced to a woman.

2. You should remove your hat when entering a private home. Or a non-public space (like someone’s personal office for example). 

3. You do not need to take off your hat in commercial buildings.

4. A man can tip his hat to a lady – but tipping a hat to another man is considered an insult.

5. It’s ok to keep your hat on in a cinema or theatre – providing that you are not blocking anyone’s view.

6. Remove your hat when speaking to respected elders or members of the church.

7. Never point the inside of your hat towards someone while you’re holding it – it’s rude.

8. Take off your hat as a sign of respect during a funeral procession.

9. Never mess with another cowboy’s hat – unless you enjoy being tied like a hog to a tree!

10. Do take off your hat during an indoor wedding.

11. Take off your hat in a fancy restaurant – but you can leave it on in a fast-food restaurant.

12. Always remove your hat by holding the crown (not the brim).

13. If you need to lay your hat down on a flat surface – put it upside down as this helps to keep the shape.

Is it bad manners to wear a cowboy hat at the dinner table?

Yes. wearing any kind of hat at the dinner table is bad manners.


Well, a cowboy hat is outerwear, meant to protect you from the sun or the rain. 

Think of it in the same way as wearing a coat. You wouldn’t wear a coat at the dinner table because it’s disrespectful to the hostess. It looks like you are about to leave.

The same thing is true of a hat.

Wearing a cowboy hat at the dinner table can also make you seem a little less open to conversation.

If you need to take off your hat – be careful how you lay it down. There’s a proper way to do it to keep the shape.

Here’s a video that explains how you should treat your cowboy hat:

How to hold your hat when the national anthem is played.

This advice applies to both men and women (though there is a weird get-out-of-jail free card for women wearing hats that are held on with hairpins…)

Anyway, the proper way to hold your hat during the national anthem is to hold it in your right hand. 

Place the hat against your chest with the inside facing toward you and hold your hat over your heart.

This same advice applies to when the national anthem of any country plays. So be ready if you hear “God save the Queen” or “O Canada”.

Try not to hold your cowboy hat with the inside facing towards anyone at any time as this is an insult!

Never put your cowboy hat on the bed. Here’s why. 

Putting your new white cowboy hat down on the bed is a big no-no.


Lemme tell you a little tale.

You see, back in the Ol’e West, folks weren’t as hygienic as we are today.

Bathing once a month was a thing, and all kinds of bacteria and creepy crawlies ran free.

Head lice were everywhere, and putting your cowboy hat down on a bed was a sure-fire way to catch ‘em.

Now, cowboys are a superstitious bunch. So from this practical piece of advice (don’t put your hat on a bed), a superstition formed. 

Some folks still believe that placing your hat down on a bed will invite bad luck.

This bad luck could manifest anywhere on the severity scale.

After putting your hat down on the bed, you might experience a bit of mischief or an argument for example.

On the other end of the scale. Putting your cowboy hat on the bed might be an invitation for serious injury or even death!

Of course, nowadays, we don’t need to worry about catching head lice from our beds.

But if you’re at all superstitious, you might wanna play it safe and hang your hat on a rack instead.

Our top five white cowboy hat picks.

Best Overall (and Best Choice of Sizes)

1, Western Express Men’s Classic Cattleman

If you’re looking for a mighty fine lightweight cowboy hat for summer, then this could be the one for you.

This super stylish off-white straw cowboy hat is both affordable and attractive.

It has a black band with very nice silver medallions and it works equally well for men, women, and kids.

There are a ton of size options to choose from. Simply measure the circumference of your head and match up your size to the chart.

Pro tip – If you are not sure about your exact size – we’d recommend choosing the elasticated version. Because it’s designed to cover a small range of sizes.

This hat has a durable construction and is quite rigid, so it holds its shape very well.

It also has a shellac type of finish which makes it easy to clean. This is something that is important with anything white.

The sizing on these hats is accurate. This means it’s far more likely you’ll get a hat that won’t come off too easily or blow away in the wind.

This hat is our clear favourite. Because it looks great on, is comfortable to wear all day, stays in place, and keeps your head nice and cool.

Pop this on and wait for the compliments to come rollin’ on in! 


  • Authentic western shape for a classic cowboy look.
  • Nice-sized brim that offers good sun protection.
  • The coating is water-resistant making this hat good to wear in the rain.
  • Comfortable to wear all day and won’t move around too much.
  • Durable material that lasts, is easy to clean, and holds the shape well.
  • Great quality hat for the price.
  • Huge choice of sizes available including children and adults sizes.
  • Very accurate sizing.
  • Variable size option that allows for the perfect fit if you don’t know your size.
  • Stays on well – even in the wind!
  • Lightweight and breathable – perfect for summer.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The fitted band inside could be of better quality. Though this can easily be replaced cheaply at any hat shop if it bothers you.
  • The packaging isn’t the best – there’s a small chance you might get a slightly dented hat that you will need to steam.
  • Can be a little stiff until broken in a bit.

Best Value White Cowboy Hat

2, Mens Faux Felt Western Cowboy Hat

This cheap and cheerful wide brim faux felt cowboy hat snagged our number 2 spot. 

This hat is a great option for fun or for fashion, and it certainly won’t break the bank.

The description says men’s but this is a great option for anyone regardless of gender.

It may actually be better for women and men with small to average-sized heads!

It’s one size fits all (the circumference measures 22.2 inches) and it comes with a chin strap to help keep it in place.

The color is beige white (so another off-white as opposed to pure white). And this hat has complimentary gold-colored rope detailing.

This cowboy hat is pretty good quality.

It’s perfect for a costume or to wear to a western-themed event, but it’s also nice enough for daily wear.

We like this one a lot because, for the price, you won’t find a better quality cowboy hat than this!


  • Great value for money – you will struggle to find better at such a low price point.
  • Nice shape – looks authentically western.
  • Good quality hat. Especially considering the low price – you will be surprised at how nice it is.
  • Holds its shape pretty well.
  • Has eyelets for breathability – so fewer sweaty-hair-sticking-to-your-face moments!
  • Looks the part – perfect for finishing off a costume or wearing to go line dancing.
  • Looks cute in photos.


  • Not waterproof so it doesn’t really work in the rain.
  • The material is a little on the thin side – but you get what you pay for!
  • Only available in one size – which means you’re not guaranteed to get the perfect fit.
  • A little on the small side – may be better for men and women with smaller heads and certainly not one for the big-headed!

Best Pure White Cowboy Hat

3, Enimay Western Cowboy & Cowgirl Hat

If protecting the environment is an important factor in your buying decisions. Then this hat could be the perfect choice for you.

This classic white vegan cowboy hat is ethically made from equal parts paper and palm leaves. 

It’s also the first pure white hat in our lineup.

This authentic-looking hat has a minimalist design with braided gold-colored stitching on the band to finish the look.

Our favorite thing about this cowboy hat is that it looks much more expensive than it is.

Nice enough to wear for any special occasion – including a wedding.

It comes in 2 sizes, small to medium and large to extra large.


  • Decent quality.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Holds its shape well.
  • Looks expensive – the cubic zirconia of cowboy hats!


  • Not the most breathable material – it might get a bit sweaty on a hot day.
  • The band inside the hat is cheap and difficult to remove.

Best White Cowboy Hat for Outdoor Activities.

4, Enimay Men’s & Women’s Western Style Cowboy Straw Hat

Are you looking for a casual hat with a lot of personality? Or do you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors? If so, then this white cowboy hat could be a great choice for you.

This 100% straw cowboy hat is good for men or for women.

It’s lightweight, breathable and it offers great sun protection. All this makes it perfect for any outdoor activity.

This cowboy hat is sturdy rather than “floppy” so it keeps its western shape pretty well.

Thanks to the addition of a moisture-wicking headband – this hat can take you from a backyard BBQ to hiking, horse riding, and everything in between.

The outer material also handles moisture pretty well so this hat performs well in the rain, too.

This is a comfortable, stylish, high-quality hat for a great price.

The brim on this one is easy to manipulate so you can play around till you get the shape you want.


  • Fits most people well.
  • Very comfortable to wear even for long periods.
  • Looks great on – very stylish and cute.
  • Well made.
  • Nice large brim – perfect for wearing out in the sun.
  • The moisture-wicking headband makes it great to wear on hot sweaty days.


  • The packaging is inconsistent. Sometimes it ships in a box but sometimes in a bag. 
  • Small sizing – not suitable for big heads.

Best white cowboy hat for photoshoots.

5, Queue Essentials Men & Women’s Woven Straw Cowboy Cowgirl Hat

Our final white cowboy hat is this super cool, one size fits most. A unisex woven straw number from Queue Essentials.

This is a great quality hat for a low price point, which makes it a good bargain.

It looks more expensive than it is and is great for photos.

The headband inside is very comfortable and seems to accommodate a good range of head sizes.

This cowboy hat is suitable for anyone whose head measures between 21 and 1/8th of an inch –  to 23 inches. 

That’s a size 6 and ¾ to 7 and ⅜ for those who know their hat sizes. 

The material is flexible so it’s easy to play around with the shape and get the exact look you want.


  • Very nice looking hat – great for a photoshoot!
  • Bendy brim – you can play around with the shape until it’s perfect.
  • Nice and comfortable.
  • Great value – an excellent bargain.


  • Not enough size options available.
  • Packaging isn’t the best – you might have to do a bit of reshaping.

Let’s wrap this up.

So, there you have it, folks. 5 mighty fine white hats that any cowboy or cowgirl would be proud to own.

My personal favorite is our number 1 pick because it just so gosh darn cute!

But which one will you go for?

I hope you found something you like.

Thanks for reading and have fun in your shiny new cowboy hat!