Should a Cowboy Hat Touch Your Ears?

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If you’re curious about whether a cowboy hat should touch your ears or not, I’ve got a quick answer for you: nope! 

A cowboy hat should actually sit above your ears, with about half an inch of space between the brim and your earlobes.

Why, you might ask? 

Well, having that little bit of space helps to keep the hat from getting too sweaty and uncomfortable, especially if you’re wearing it for long periods of time.

Plus, it’s just the traditional way to wear a cowboy hat.

Of course, there are a lot of different styles of cowboy hats out there, so this might not be true for every single one. 

But for the most part, if you’re looking to rock a classic cowboy look, keeping that half-inch of space between your ears and the brim is the way to go.

How should a cowboy hat fit?

If you’re considering purchasing a cowboy hat, or already own one, you may be wondering where it should sit on your head. 

Let’s dive into this question and explore the answer in-depth.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that cowboy hats come in various styles and shapes, each with its own specific fit. 

The fit of a cowboy hat is crucial for both comfort and style.

Generally, it should feel snug around the crown of your head without being too tight.

You don’t want it to fly off with the slightest breeze, but you also don’t want it to give you a headache. 

To determine your hat size, measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and ears using a flexible tape measure. 

Different brands may have different sizing standards, so it’s essential to check the sizing chart before purchasing a hat.

Regarding where a cowboy hat should sit on your head and how you should angle it – it’s important to note that there is no universal answer. 

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and the style of the hat you have. 

Generally, the brim of your cowboy hat should be just above your eyebrows, and the crown should be centered on the top of your head. 

This position will provide the appropriate sun protection without obstructing your vision.

Does the style of the cowboy hat affect whether or not it should touch your ears?

When it comes to your ears, opinions on whether a cowboy hat should touch them or not are divided. 

Traditionally, cowboy hats had taller crowns and sat higher on the head, creating some space between the hat and the ears.

This design allowed for better hearing and prevented the hat from getting in the way during work or rodeo events.

However, some people prefer a more modern, fashion-forward look with a lower crown that sits closer to the head and touches the ears. 

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the style of hat you’re wearing.

That said, there are practical considerations to keep in mind. 

If you choose a hat that touches your ears, ensure that it isn’t too tight around them. 

Tight hats can cause discomfort and itching. 

Instead, try going up a size and consider wearing a thin headband to protect your ears.

The Debate: To Touch or Not to Touch?

Should a cowboy hat touch your ears?

This question has sparked a debate among cowboy hat enthusiasts for years.

Let’s take a closer look at the arguments for and against touching your ears with your cowboy hat. 

The Case for Touching Your Ears 

Some cowboy hat wearers believe that the hat should sit low on the head, touching the ears. 

They argue that this style not only looks better but also helps keep the hat in place, especially during windy conditions. 

Additionally, some people believe that touching the ears with the cowboy hat is a sign of authenticity and shows that the wearer knows how to wear a cowboy hat properly. 

The Case Against Touching Your Ears 

On the other hand, there are those who argue that a cowboy hat should never touch your ears. 

They believe that the hat should sit high on your head, allowing for proper ventilation and preventing sweat from accumulating around the ears. 

Additionally, some people argue that touching the ears with the cowboy hat can cause discomfort and irritation, especially if the hat is too tight. 

The Verdict 

So, should a cowboy hat touch your ears? 

The answer is…it depends! 

Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual wearer and their personal preference. 

Some people may prefer the look and feel of a cowboy hat that touches their ears, while others may prefer a hat that sits higher on their head. 

The most important thing is to find a cowboy hat that fits well and feels comfortable to wear. 

Experiment with different styles and find the one that works best for you.

Breaking in Your Cowboy Hat

So you’ve got yourself a brand new cowboy hat, but it feels a little stiff and uncomfortable. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. 

Cowboy hats need to be broken in before they feel comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Wear your hat as often as possible. The more you wear it, the quicker it will break in.
  • Start by wearing your hat for short periods of time, gradually increasing the amount of time you wear it each day.
  • If your hat feels too tight, try using a hat stretcher. A hat stretcher is a tool that can be used to gently stretch the hat to make it more comfortable.
  • If your hat feels too loose, try using a hat band to help keep it in place.
  • Avoid getting your hat wet, as this can cause it to lose its shape.

Remember, breaking in your cowboy hat takes time and patience. Don’t rush the process, and soon enough your hat will feel like it was made just for you.


After researching and considering different perspectives, it seems that the answer to whether a cowboy hat should touch your ears is not a straightforward yes or no. 

It ultimately depends on personal preference and the purpose of the hat.

If you are looking for a hat to keep you cool in the summer, then it’s recommended to wear a cowboy hat that sits above your ears, with about half an inch of space between the brim and your earlobes. 

This will allow for better ventilation and air circulation.

However, if you are wearing a cowboy hat for practical reasons, such as to keep the sun or dust out of your eyes, then it may be more appropriate for the brim to touch your ears. 

Just make sure that the hat is not too tight or loose and that it fits properly on your head.

Remember, cowboy hats are personal and often expensive items, so it’s important to treat them with respect and follow the proper etiquette when wearing or handling them. 

And most importantly, wear your cowboy hat with confidence and pride!