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Meet Our Author: Phoebe Meadows

Phoebe is a passionate horselady, cowboy, and outdoors enthusiast. Born and raised in the heart of the American West, Phoebe has spent her entire life exploring the rugged terrain and wide-open spaces that define this iconic region.

As a young girl, phoebe was introduced to the world of horses by her grandfather, a seasoned rancher who taught her the value of hard work, dedication, and respect for the land. From that moment on, Phoebe was hooked, and he has spent the last several decades honing her horsemanship skills and deepening her connection to the natural world.

In addition to her love of horses and the outdoors, Phoebe is also a prolific writer and storyteller. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and he is the author of several books on horsemanship, ranching, and the cowboy way of life.

When she’s not in the saddle, phoebe can often be found hiking, camping, or fishing in some of the most remote and beautiful corners of the West. She lives with her husband and their horses on a small ranch.

We hope you enjoy reading phoebe’s articles and learning from her vast experience and knowledge of the Western lifestyle.