best pink cowgirl hats

7 pink cowboy hats for the cute at heart in 2023

Looking for a pink cowboy hat? 

You’re in the right place!

If you need a hat for a bachelorette party, work, fashion (or if you just like pink cowboy hats), I’ve got you covered.

I’ve scoured the internet for the cute, the shiny and the fluffy.

Stick around to see the most rootin’ tootin’ pink cowboy hats for any occasion.

Tips for choosing a pink cowboy hat

Choosing the right material

As a general rule, cowboy hats come in 2 materials, felt and straw.

Which one should you go for? 

Well, that depends on where you are going to be wearing your cute new hat.

Are you going to be indoors or outdoors?

Do you wanna wear your hat in summer, winter or both?

Straw cowboy hats 

Horse with pink cowboy hat

Real-life cowfolk wore straw hats back in the wild west era. The tightly woven straw protected their heads from the desert heat.

However, the image in most people’s minds, when they think of a cowboy hat, is usually the felt kind.

So even though straw cowboy hats are authentic, they are a little more versatile when it comes to fashion.

They are also lightweight and breathable, which makes them perfect for summer.

A loosely woven straw hat with a floppy brim will give you a casual look that’s perfect for festivals and other summer events.

For a more structured look or something with a little more sun protection, go for a tighter weave.

Tightly woven straw hats will retain their shape much better than looser weaves.

Felt cowboy hats

If straw hats are for summer, then felt ones must be for winter right?

Nah-ah. Felt cowboy hats work overtime. 

They give you protection in summer, and keep your head warm in winter.

A felt hat is also useful if you need to give a thirsty horse some water and you don’t have a bowl handy!

A cowboy hat that’s fel is gonna give you a more authentic, classic western look.

Felt is a great choice for a cowgirl costume, or to add a touch of western flair to a non western outfit.

You can easily dress a felt cowboy hat up or down. 

A felt hat will also protect you from the rain.

How much do cowboy hats cost?

Cowboy hats can cost anywhere between 10 dollars and over a hundred dollars.

How much you pay is going to depend on the quality of the material and whether you want an obvious party hat, or something more chic and fashionable.

The party hats tend to be on the cheaper end of the scale, so if you want feathers, bling or a light up cowboy hat you should be able to find something adorable for less than $25.

Let’s say you want a hand crafted hat made from natural fibers, a thing of beauty that you can wear again and again. 

Something like that, a hat which has some resale value, well you can expect to pay upwards of $60.

Most of the hats in this line up are extremely affordable. But we do have one premium option that’s absolutely stunning.

How should a cowboy hat fit?

Your cowboy hat should fit quite snugly to your head. 

If it’s tight in the beginning, that’s good! Cowboy hats tend to expand with heat, so it should loosen up and mould to your head after a while.

If the hat is too loose, it will move around, mess up your hair, fall off every 5 minutes and could even blow away in the wind!

Straw hats tend to loosen up a bit more than felt, so always go for the smaller option if you’re trying to decide between 2 sizes of straw hat.

Should I tilt my cowboy hat?

Whether you tilt your cowboy hat or not is totally up to you.

Wearing your brim at a slight side angle can add a lil’ attitude to your look.

Tilting it forward can add a touch of western mystique.

A backwards tilt will make the hat appear more casual.

Play around with tilts and take some selfies – then ask your friends for their opinions!

How to choose the best hat for your face shape

Let’s take a look at the different face shapes and see what style of hat is going to suit you best.

If you don’t know what your face shape is, here’s a great video that will help you figure it out.

Round face

If you have a round face, you should try to balance out those curves by going for a hat that is quite angular. 

Try something with a high, angular crown and maybe a slanted rim.

Hats that are asymmetrical or have asymmetrical features will work best for you. You should definitely consider tilting your hat at an angle if your face is round.

Avoid wide brims and hats that are rounded at the top of the crown. These will only make your face look more round.

Long/oblong face

If you have a long face, a hat that is too long or too short will only add more length.

Look for a regular sized cowboy hat that isn’t too tall or short in the crown.

The more rounded the crown is, the better the hat will look.

Something that sits low on the forehead should be quite flattering. 

Short brims, or brims that are too flat will also add length. Avoid narrow and tall hats.

Instead, go for a wide brim that is curved to create an attractive silhouette and balance out your features.

A slight tilt is ok on a long face, but you don’t want to tilt too much because that will only accentuate the length of your face.

Square face

If your face is square, then you probably have very strong angular features. Like a pronounced jawline and great cheekbones.

Because your face is so angular, hats that are rounded with lots of curves are your best option to balance your features. 

Curved and floppy cowboy hats are going to look great on you.

Asymmetric hats are also great for squares, so feel free to tilt that baby as far as it will go!

Oval face

Oval is by far the most common face shape.

The good news for ovals is that your face shape is also the most versatile.

You can wear any style of hat you like, but you should avoid tilting the hat too much.

Wearing the brim right across the brow or hairline looks the most flattering on an oval face.

The 8 best pink cowboy hats

Best value 

Cowboy Hat, Faux Felt Leather Suede Travel Western Hat

If you want a cute pink cowboy hat that can straddle the line between fancy dress and fashion. This is for you.

This is a comfortable hat that’s made from a nice-feeling faux felt/suede material.

It has rope detailing and air vents. Air vents in hats like these are great because they stop your hair from sticking to your head and face.

It has an adjustable chin strap with a toggle fastening, so it’s guaranteed to stay put whether you’re riding a bull or dancing the night away.

The classic style and shade of pink make this hat very versatile.

This hat does not feel cheap at all. It’s fantastic quality considering the price and it looks hella cute! 

If you have thick hair like me, you’ll be pleased to know that this will fit over it. 


  • Breathable
  • Great value
  • Stylish
  • Decent quality 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers sun protection
  • Won’t fly off in a breeze


  • You’ll want one in every color!
  • The packaging isn’t the best which means the hat could get bent out of shape. (If this happens you will have to steam it).

Best for kids (and kids at heart).

Pink Cowboy Cowgirl Tiara Felt Light Up Rodeo Hat

Could this be the perfect party hat?

Hang on lemme get my checklist…

  • Pink – check.
  • Rhinestones (aka sequins) – check.
  • Lights up – check.
  • A flashing tiara!?! I’m sold!

If you or your child wanna be a cowboy princess then this is the one. 

It’s labelled as “youth size” but it will sit on top of an adult’s head and will even fit adults with very small heads!

Everything about this hat is adorable and super fun!

It’s perfect for a costume or for a photobooth at a party.

Pro tip – you can get these in 2 packs if you need them for a party, and it works out a little bit cheaper.

This hat also makes a great gift that’s guaranteed to make everyone smile 🙂


  • Cute as a button
  • Makes you feel like a princess
  • Lights up
  • Makes everyone smile
  • Has a chin strap
  • Fun gift


  • Small/kids sizing
  • Needs batteries

Best fancy dress hat

Adult Texan Cowboy Hat Hot Pink Fancy Dress

This hot pink studded number is perfect for finishing off a westen themed costume.

It’s super bright, the quality is good and it’s not too expensive.

This is an adult sized hat that’s lightweight and pretty comfortable.

It comes with a neck strap that ties up like shoelaces, but I would have liked it better if it had an adjustable toggle like some of the other hats in this line-up.

Even though it is made from an attention grabbing pink material, the design of this one is pretty minimal.

So it won’t take too much attention away from your awesome Halloween costume.


  • Super cute
  • Good value
  • lightweight


  • No toggle
  • No air vents

Best modern-look hat

Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Hat – Pink

I’m really feeling this faux felt baby pink cowboy hat by Lanzom.

It comes in Medium size with a Wide Brim, size goes up from 22.4 – 23.2 inches 

So you should have no problems getting the perfect fit for your noggin with this one.

The crown size on this one is 4.33 inches high.

It has a cute Belt Buckle which gives it a lux feel. 

It’s a little bit more expensive than some of the options on this list, but it certainly won’t break the bank, and I for one think it’s worth the extra.


  • 2 pink color options
  • Pretty
  • Good size


  • A tad on the pricey side

Best straw hat for kids and young adults

M&F Western Girl’s Sancho Cowboy Hat (Little Kids/Big Kids)

Well aint’ that just the cutest lil’ straw hat that ya ever did see?

I love the color on this one and the large brim. Perfect summer hat!

The brim is flexible and mouldable so you can play around with it to really get the shape you want.

You can also bend it to give you better protection from the sun if you need it.

The quality is great.

It has 3 eyelet openings so your head can breathe, and there are 2 sizes to choose from.

The large fits heads measuring up to 6 and ¾ inches. The extra large fits up to 7 inches.

One of the best things about this hat is the stretchy band on the inside. 

This means that if you’re buying it for a child, it will grow with them, so they can wear it for as long as they love it!


  • Good sizing options
  • Great sun protection
  • Decent quality
  • Breathable
  • Flexible brim


  • Material can be a little stiff

Best luxury pink cowboy hat for women

Stampede Hats Women’s Burn The Breeze Flower Filigree Cowboy Hat

If you’re looking for something extra special that really has the wow factor, this could be perfect.

This rhinestone encrusted beauty is handmade from natural fiber (straw) and it comes complete with a leather band and gold detailing.

It comes in 4 different sizes (extra small to large) and it’s gorgeous!

A word of caution, the sizing can run large on this model so maybe go a size down for the correct fit.

This hat is beautifully made. The construction is rigid so it holds its shape well.

This is the one that will get the compliments rollin’ on in for sure!


  • Stunning
  • Well made
  • Good size options
  • Breathable


  • Runs large – consider going down a size

Best casual summer hat

MG Womens Straw Outback Toyo Cowboy Hat

If you’re looking to keep a cool head in the summer and look gosh darn cute while doing it then this could be a great choice!

This one has a 4 inch crown and a four inch brim.

It has plenty of large holes for breathability, but it also offers great sun protection for your face and neck so it just might be the perfect beach/gardening hat! 

It’s one size fits all, meaning it’s fairly large, but it has elastic inside to give you a better fit.

It has a cute little headband with just a hint of sparkle.

This is the kind of hat that you buy for a western themed event but then end up wearing all summer long.


  • Comfortable
  • Highly breathable
  • Super cute
  • Should fit a wide range of sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sun protection for face and neck
  • Great price


  • No chin strap
  • May arrive a little smooshed

Final thoughts

Hmmmm…… decisions, decisions.

Now that you’ve seen the cutest of the cute, which pink cowboy hat are you going to go for?

You can’t go wrong with any of the hats on this list. They are all awesome.

I hope you adore your new pink cowboy hat and wear it with pride 🙂

Pink Cowgirl hat FAQ’s

  1. What occasions are pink cowboy hats suitable for?

Pink cowboy hats can be worn for a variety of occasions, including bachelorette parties, birthdays, Halloween costumes, and other themed parties.

  1. What materials are pink cowboy hats made of?

Pink cowboy hats are typically made of either felt or straw. The price range for these hats can vary greatly, from around $25 to over $5,000.

  1. What brands make pink cowboy hats?

Popular cowboy hat brands like Stetson offer pink cowboy hats, as well as other brands that can be found on Amazon or Etsy.

  1. Can pink cowboy hats be customized?

Yes, pink cowboy hats can be customized with features like sequins, glitter, feathers, and more. Some sellers on Etsy offer fully custom, light-up cowboy hats.

  1. How do I care for my pink cowboy hat?

To care for your pink cowboy hat, it’s important to keep it clean and dry. You can use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or moisture, as this can damage the hat.